Black Salve Skin Cancer on the Facial Areas Experienced by David K

Black Salve Experienced by David K
 Curderm BEC5 for skin cancer on the facial areas.
On 20 Jun 2017, at 8:58 AM, David K wrote:

Well,well.. I put the Black Salve on the rest of both forearms over the weekend.. covered with gauze..

The next day I noticed only 1smallsore..

But now a couple of days later I see numerous small red spots... plus at least 3 large pinhead spots... crusted over.. and 1 other - that is between the pinheads and the smaller sores.

 There are probably also .. say 20 red spots... showing inflammation on the right forearm.. and 10 on the left.  I'll call them precancerous.

Good think I painted my arm.. might as well catch them early.

 So if anybody tries the Black Salve.. I'd suggest after treating the major problem... to double check every area with know problem... and expand the test. Again I mixed coconut oil with the black salve.. to keep it moist... and make it easier to apply.. It is a bit dry.


  Day 9 -Cured !  Wrist sore fell off !
 Pink skin inside, zero blood or drainage.

  Nothing had helped this heal in over a year.  You will notice there were actually 2 sores in this area.. but I had thought one was healed and could not see it until now.  
 Obviously this is a cure for skin cancer.. Wow.

  I mixed the Black Salve with 50/50 coconut oil to help it stick.  I kept it on my wrist for 4 days.. reapplying each day.. and 3 days on the left forearm.  Every day I washed it with Hydrogen Peroxide. After with that I applied coconut oil each day to it after washing it and placed  a band aid on it.

  I took the following supplements too.  Low Dose Naltrexone... (LDN), extra mineral & vitamins, Multi-B Vit, C, Carbon 60, Alpha Lipoic Acid, etc.

  2 days ago the white skin had raised with fluid and hurt when I moved.. So I stabbed it and drained it. Medium Tan fluid came out of both of them, which relieved the pain..

 Friend recommends using Curderm BEC5 for skin cancer on the facial areas.  

  Share any info or pics of this that you want to.

BTW, a photo really does say a thousand words, so when testing any of these treatments. please get biopsies from doctors,
and as many tests as you can. My liver function tests at
Say more about Naltrexone than hundreds of pages of “anecdotal evidence" ever could.

All the best, Ian
PS We are certain what we are making is Bill’s/David's exact formula,
others may not be, for legal reasons I am unable to explain further.

 Hi Ian:
     A week ago Friday, I applied a second round of the Black Salve on my forearm and wrist.. plus after seeing a few red spots... small black spots.. and a small sore on the back of my right forearm.. I gave that another dose.

   All three spots became sores again.. but the 1st two were more shallow, less white dead skin... and not as sensitive.. Some inflammation.. but less than half of what originally occurred.

  There have been several tiny black spots showing up around all three spots..  All the red spots have declined now.

   The 3ed spot was not as bad... as the first two.. While it was a good size, it was not as deep as the other original ones were.

   All three are healing nicely now. I'm glad they had less pain this time.

   I tested one spot on my chest... and got no reaction.. So I tested another spot that was not as noticeable.. and it did respond.  It is even smaller than the 3ed one I found on my forearm.. Hardly any pain to it at all.

   Then I applied a heavy dose to my scalp, since I've had such issues.. and could feel several or the original large spots were still a problem.

   Most of the scalp broke out and burned like fire for a couple of days. They drained me of energy and I had a hard time concentrating. The large spots spread out.. and must have been deep too. The ones on the back of my skull were the most sensitive. I slept a lot the past couple of days.. and everything feels better now. I'd say 25% of my scalp is scabs right now.. The top part of my head is not as sensitive as the 1st time I tested it.  

  I've tried to take some pictures of the head.. but hard to focus with one hand.. and hair there too.  The worst spots are about the size of a quarter.

  Only the larger ones feel like they have deep core sores.. and inflammation...  the remainder feel like flat thick scabs.

  I truly think they are working on the scalp.. it is justsucha old deep problem.. for it to work on.

  The Governor of Florida has signed the Medical Marijuana Bill, but it does not allow anyone to smoke it..  Once this heals, I expect to have my MD prescribe the Medical M Lotion for Cancer and try it on my scalp.  I will apply it to my arms too.. to see what results I get.

   I tried 3 bottles of CBD Oil to my scalp.. and it healed the smaller problems. and reduced the size of many of the larger sores.. There was no burning or any other feeling when I used it.. It just made my hair bright orange/red for the 3-4 days I used it a week. ;-)

   Anyway, glad I'm making progress.. I could have applied the Salve to a smaller area of my head, but I wanted to get this over with.. as fast as possible.
  Thanks again for your assistance and advise.


 4 days ago I applied the Salve for the 3ed time to the one area on my wrist and one on my chest.  Both still have the black center.. but very little white around that... and some local inflammation about 1/4" on each side.. only slightly sensitive. Neither is a deep or intense however. So I can tell the body is eating away at them.  

    The same day I applied a 2nd round to the right side of my scalp... which has the worst spots. They were very sensitive again for 2 days... This time I used only a little coconut oil.. and much more Black Salve to get to the problem.  

     There are at least 5 white/black spots, the 3 largest are the size of the end of your little finger... the others are about half that size.  The one that has given me the biggest problem for the longest time, is also the most sensitive... and feels like it covers the largest area. That one is the devil I have been fighting for years !

     After this round, I will treat the other half of my scalp. I only expect 2 spots there, but don't expect them to be as deep or as large in size.... there maybe 3 other smaller spots there too.  

    It appears the deeper the problem spots the worst and longer it takes to kill them off.  

   The other thing I noticed is how tired I've been when this is working... especially the first few days.. the pain helps drain me, but I think the process is using a lot of energy. The areas are very sensitive to sun also during this process.

  I'm glad that Jon Ludlam and Ian from Thailand brought this stuff to my attention. 
   A Dermatologist cut a culture from one spot 5-6 years ago.. and it never healed well. The fool never took a biopsy of any of the areas however.  Damn doctors act like ignorant fools.. they have been reduced to the most basic logic with no professional curiosity


   Ret. Captain John Ludlam also told me about Black Salve right after you did.  Tonight he said you can roll it in a bread ball to swallow.

   He had a friend's son take it internally for 30 days.. and all his warts that covered his entire body, fell off.  

   Also for dogs you can cut a hotdog in 4 pieces lengthwise... put a hole in the end of one... add the Black Salve... then feed a hungry dog one of piece... then throw him the hand grenade with the Salve inside.. and he will gobble it down.   


 (Q) Can you explain why LDN does not cure or prevent skin cancer?  I am a bit confused?

(A)  Prior to LDN we did/said exactly that “if it can be helped by, or is immune system related, LDN will help”, the list is here

However after Bill discovered Black Salve and used both it was like before you had a .22 cal rifle which was adequate,  but were given a pump action 12 gauge, it got the job done faster and was more specific. As for prevention see


   Here are the results of using Black Salve on these 2 of 3 worst spots on my scalp. These have been really persistent problems for years.. Nothing ... I mean nothing worked on them.  They were tough, scar tissue covered skin, and deep.  This is the 2nd application on them too. It was like the first round had to eat through the scar tissue first.

    You can see how deep the holes were.  

     I applied a 2nd round to the remainder of the scalp problems today... but only feel light stinging ... in about 4 spots...

     I told a MD about this.. and said.. "Sure, the guy said the sores from a 50 year problem will fall off in 10 days. Yeah, right.. I believed that. Well, look at the results... "  His eyes could not believe it. "Tell me the name of that stuff again?", he said. ;-)

  Thanks again,

DK Black Salve - Top Scalp 7-11-17.JPG CIMG4921.JPG at all.


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