Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Pioneer
Dr. Bernard Bihari Talks About His Life
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Interview with Bernard Bihari, MD: Low-dose Naltrexone
for Normalizing Immune System Function

Thank you Ian! My hope for lessened pain has arrived. Yay! I've read up on it so much, I'm starting with 1.5 mg but at 6 PM to maybe skip the possible temporary insomnia. Wahoo! Maybe I can start living again. Thank you, Ian!
~Christine in Texas, USA

Dear Itay,

Consider giving it to your kids as well. Even once or twice per week will boost their immune systems. I have twin granddaughters who have taken it since birth, because my family is riddled with auto-immune diseases and I am hoping that this will either save them, or delay, any onset of an auto-immune disease. It is great for the dog as well   :-) 
--Francie USA

====== ======= ====== ===== ======

Thank you so much! I have just sent the payment via PayPal to ****@gmail.com.

You have no idea how you changed my life and my family's life. I have 3 young children that I couldn't even take care of because of my disease. I couldn't even stand up most of the time.

Your site was the only site I could find that delivered Naltrexone to Israel. Since I started taking LDN my life has changed and I function like an healthy person. My kids got their father back.

So just know that no matter what, at least you saved one person's life.

Again, Ian & Francie thank you, you are good people!


Thanks Ian.  The naltrexone is my savior. Just helps me so much with joint pain. I would be totally lost without it.  Thanks again. 
-- Regards Warren j


I had fluid in my ears for about a month... before the flu hit me. 

Once it hit.. I tried to take double the Liposomal Glutathione to speed the healing.. of the flu... but ran out..

So I doubled the Marijuana pills... the strongest they had.. (Not the strongest does.. only 10mg).  I took it 2 times a day.. but it makes you sleep... but I needed sleep anyway... I did not notice any improvement in the flu... but the 4 long lingering sores on my forearm... suddenly improved.... None feel like any growth under them now.. and they are fading.. fast.

My chest became more pink... but died down...

This battle is about over.

- David K  USA Feb 2018


Arrived - in good order - thanks!

Got the NODICT instead of the NALTMA,

but Dudley prefers the NODICT, anyway;

I know Sun Pharma is reputable.

your product matches the pictures of

NODICT on your site and many other sites

The bubble packaging appears 100% legit -

including a nice 2020 EXP.

Remember, this is my first experience with

this particular ordering format.

the timeline exactly matched your forecast

of 14 days - great job!

I'm on the anal side of the equation, so

please realize that when I ask questions.

My question is:

why can't I "ID" the front and back of pill

on Sun Pharma's official website:


why doesn't Sun Phama show pictures of

front and back of all permutations of 

this product? The yellowish-brown 

color pill is the same (Indian curry color)

but in their picture, there's a number and

notch stamp on each side - whereas these

tabs have just a line on one side and

a smooth other side;

I'm not too worried because I've "ID"ed the

product you sell on multiple web locations,

but I'm slightly bothered that the Sun Pharma

official website doesn't show this particular

pill anatomy.

Perhaps I didn't find the right site

If you have any links that show verification

pictures, please pass them back to me.

In the mean time, thanks for a great delivery!
--Mark W



Did you know what a life saver you are? Have I mentioned how much LDN has helped me lately? Besides being a cancer survivor, in which LDN is probably a great preventive measure against reoccurrence, it has done wonders for my severe inflammatory arthritis. Psoriatic Arthritis is an autoimmune disease. It was so bad, prior to LDN, I was crippled. My knee was swollen and very painful. My hand joints were useless. Now,... it's like I'm not arthritic at all. I can actually play some hoops again. Of course, my COPD kinda hampers my ability on the court, but at this point, I'm amazed I can even put on my sneakers again! So much so that I went out and bought a basketball and plan to open up my lungs, while teaching the kids how the game is played. I wouldn't be surprised if LDN is also beneficial for my COPD, although I don't see much in that regard. It's been progressing somewhat. Anyway, just like you to know how LDN has gave me my life back. It is a great thing you are doing by making available this revolutionary and completely safe medication.




Brooklyn, NY Feb 2018


Good day, Ian.

My LDN arrived this week and I am so great gulf for its arrival. I'm amazed with my bodies response the reduction in pain. I've suffered with fibromyalgia since '88. For years I was functional, but the past 3 years have been so debilitating I had to retire from my nursing job, which I loved every minute of.

You are my savior! My Dr is skeptical but agreed I could take it if I found a study that I could participate in which I did, the FM/a study. I'm hoping she will eventually prescribe it for me and others when she further reviews my progress.

Blessed be, Ian.
Emma C, Virginia USA


Hi Ian, The last of the envelopes arrived last week bringing me up to the full order. It took awhile for my system to adapt but I seem steady with it now I'm glad to say. While I cannot clearly speak to the benefits because I'm working with a variety of treatments I trust that it will be of benefit and in ways I may not expect. As I first started using it I found myself needing to take breaks so as to be functional. That's now past and I feel some increase in energy and wellbeing. Thank you for making this available and for your informative site. Kind wishes, Carol B.C, Canada


Unfortunately I was unsuccessful with the ABF in getting back tablets, I was asked to provide a doctors letter.

**I will send ten tablets more in an Airmail letter.

I have a few enquiries about the Nordicts Tablets i've been taking for a few months. To be precise I have experienced nothing be severe side effects from this tablets. I've had constant severe nausea and vomiting, dizziness and i've been hit with colds, flus and coughs more than I usually get. My reason for taking LDN was to help balance my immune system due to an overactive thyroid condition i'm currently suffering. Not only have I not seen any benefits, its caused me more symptoms than i've ever experienced. I stopped taking LDN over a month ago. My husband was also on 4.5mg of LDN made with the Nordict Tablet you sent in other to boost his immune systems to prevent colds and flus but it did nothing for him either. I have read online that a few people have had troubles with the brand Nordict. Does this have anything to do with the ineffectiveness of the medication or could something else be responsible for our experience? I mix the tablet in an amber glass bottle, one table with 50ml of distilled water. I shake it before I take it each time.

Thanks, Haffy

Hi Haffy, Aug 2017


Out of thousands you are my first reporting a side effect other than ia little nsomnia.
There are two brands, Nodict and Naltima, both are 50mg of Naltrexone and dissolve intowater 100% so you should be getting one hundred percent Naltrexone,  and they say the very tiny bit of sediment left at the bottom of the bottle can be discarded or consumed, in your case I would discard it. Here is exactly what is in it…


However I am not qualified to give medical advice, I suggest you post this on the many LDN forums at https://www.buylowdosenaltrexone.com/we-recommend.html . Especially Jayne at http://ldnnow.com/ , Francie at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/lowdosenaltrexone/info and Dudley at https://sites.google.com/site/dudleyslowdosenaltrexonesites/home

All the best.....Ian
Please join us at…

If this is Ian's email, thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the 60 Naltrexone you shipped. GREAT JOB! From the time you processed our payment to delivery was only 13 days!!!! Thank you so much. Wife Nancy needed it badly to continue to control her MS as she has for 8 years but our worthless so called "family physicians" absolutely would not give her a prescription. Please feel free to post this compliment on your website if you wish. Again thank you so much and GREAT JOB AND SPEED! Nancy is set for a long time with this low dose amount she uses. Rest assured we will be back to buy again from you! -
Take care. RICK and Nancy (August 2017)

                                    1) Thanks Ian. I am so grateful to you to be able to try this.  If it works for me, you can be sure I will be back. Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Blessings to you, --Lindy

2) I received my envelope today--July 6th--perfect!  Say a prayer that it works.  You are an amazing human being...thank you



I just wanted to take a moment to say thankyou to you for allowing me to order.  This has been life changing for me. 3 years ago I could barely get out of bed and now I have retrained, am back in the workforce and doing really well.  No pain, no stiffness, my autoimmune arthritis has settled right down, anxiety and depression are a thing of the past.  It does appear that my immune systems is regulating and I recently had my first flu in almost 10 years.  And apart from being celiac I am able to eat most other foods now without reaction.  I am so grateful to have my life back after all those years of sickness.  I try not to think about what will happen if I can no longer order and just enjoy the days I have.

Thank you :)

Kind Regards
Rayelene NZ


The pack of 10 tabs you sent arrived. You obviously did not have to send another 10 to replace the 10 lost in the mail, but you did. I appreciate you doing that very much.
Thanks for the service you provide. I will order more later and tell others.
Thanks again,
Todd (Canada June 2017)


Dear Ian , and FYI to Swede~
Update to my first order of Naltima 50: 
Safe arrival after a SPEEDY 12 days
 using Moneygram at a Walmart retail store .
All tabs have 2 1/2 yrs until they expire.
MANY MANY thanks Ian !
God's Blessings to you,
--Carole in Florida May 17


thanks for putting the meds in the mail.
we have the whole family on LDN now ...
even our 16 yo dog is in remission from her 2 battle with cancer (and it looks like she will go from another malady!)
cheers to you!

Holly (USA) April 2017


Hi Ian,
Sorry about the impediments to obtaining and selling this vital drug. Thank you for telling your story and for your efforts to keep it going. I so appreciate hearing your story and your dedication to the process. Big Pharma cannot win. I was a pharmacist for over 40 years but always on the natural side. Finally retired because I felt ethically compromised. Thanks again. For your efforts. Glad you are doing better. God bless you!!! - Joan (USA) 17/4/2017


Thanks Ian, I appreciate your help. FYI my mother has been unwell for years and I have her some Ldn to take for all her ailments, she took some the first night and was astounded, then the second night she was even more impressed hence the order for her. Being so impressed she has talked my sister into it too.

Thank you once again.
Regards Anne (March 2017


Ian -
My deepest gratitude to you for the work you do and getting my product out so quickly.  I received the product today by mail at 4:00 pm - so that is 15 days from the day I sent the funds.  I am so excited.  I have 3 autoimmune diseases and am always so tired and feel that each day I am trying to push myself through mental fog to think clearly.  Also my weight has increased for many years due to overeating as I am seeking energy when I have none.  I will begin my treatment this evening and let you know the results.

If this works, I'm going to buy more product to give to relatives with some severe health problems.

God's blessings to you -
Ann H Oct 2015


Dear Ian,

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. It's becoming more rare these days, when you meet a person of great character and integrity. You my friend, are a breath of fresh air. Walking me through all my concerns and questions, in helping me obtain LDN, goes beyond the great service you provide.  I have only recently started taking LDN (June 2016). And basically only for preventive measures.

Just wanted to let you know, it's been a pleasure to make your acquaintance and how very satisfied I am with the service you provide.

Thanks again,
Kevin /NYC, USA (October 2016)


Dear Ian,

By the way ... THANKS. I've been taking LDN made from tablets I ordered from you for the past 2 years.
I was in a terrible situation with chronic autoimmune disease, unable to get out of bed in the mornings, pain 24/7/365.
Now I wake up with a mild headache, I take some vitamin C and a couple mugs of coffee, drive my son to school, then sit down at my computer to work.
I got my life back! At least for now. You made that possible, and I really appreciate it.

Many thanks,
Robert G (Sept 2016)


ement I had a mole type lump measuring about 10 x 5 mm between my shoulder blades which had reduced down to a spec within two weeks and has now disappeared. I certainly can’t feel or see anything sign of it any more, other than maybe a freckle.

I hope that if I have any internal anomalies they are get a similar treatment.

Cheers and all the best.

Regards, Derek H
--1st Sept 2016


"I will just 2nd what Francie said.  LDN, is or can be a Miracle drug for some...  It worked for my dog who was given little hope is now free from any tumors...  8 weeks on LDN and other standard chemo traditional medicine... No detectable Cancer, 8 weeks prior it was mentioned to let him go.  Prayer and LDN did it for my Pup.  Best to you."
—Rocco F

“I have to agree. I used LDN to go from hospice to full remission with LDN and other alternative treatments, and my oncologist also refused to "hear" anything about something other than the traditional treatments of burn, poison and cut. Sadly, many don't live long enough to "practice" at treating cancer. . . .we get just one shot at it.

The LDN can do no harm and could do a world of good. Shame on your vet/doctor for being so arrogant and uneducated.- August 2016



Thanks for providing this highly important (crucial, even) service to so many people.  I am completely new to the LDN community, but your excellent reputation is known throughout.
--Dr Oliver S


Hi Ian - I have CLL, my white blood cell count has dropped
from 28 to 13 (below 10 is normal) since taking LDN. I can send you my tests if you like, for reference. Thanks very much, Al J (USA)
(March 2016)


Dear Ian,

It's 4th day on LDN and I am already feeling so much better. I would now like to order 60 tablets. The pain I was suffering was so bad I thought life wasn't worth living, I now know there is a future for me.  I am ordering some tablets for my daughter as she is in the same state that I was in.  I can't wait to increase the dose.
Thank you for providing this miracle.
-- Jennifer C Feb 2016


Thank you so much - I want you to know it has helped me so much.   I have a Thyroid problem and am on 1/4 of the meds I was on when I started on this and I lost 80 lbs.

If you weigh more than 200lbs. you need to take a higher dosage.
I know when I started this - the first month I had taken  1 drop and now I take 2 drops. The extra drop made the difference.

Best Regards,
Susan S USA / Feb 2016


Hi Ian, Realize you must be quite busy but wanted to send a quick note saying THANK YOU! Arrived today much sooner than expected I am in your debt. Almost ready to start the experiment :)

--Larry G - Dec 2015 - took 10 days to FL, USA.


Here is a copy of my comments on how LDN has helped me that I put in the LDNScience section. Page 1
I forgot to write that it did indeed help my BLOOD PRESSURE.  It is now around 112/ 65
 And my pulse went form always being around 80 down to 65 to 70.
Here is what It has done for me so far.
Truly a miracle for me
"I have Fibromyalgia for many years and was taking Amytriptolyn to help me sleep. Read that they found it caused damage to the brain and decided to stop taking it. My sister takes LDN for Fibro and numerous other autoimmune diseases and had been telling me to take it. I was afraid to as I didn't know what it was. I read up on it on some sites, copied the info and begged my doctor to give me a Rx for it. Reluctantly he did and I told him I would let him know in 3 months how it worked. I took 1.5 mg the first night, woke up once but fell right back to sleep. I felt very relaxed. When I woke in the a.m. I found that a terrible pain I had been having for 2 years (from a tendon in my arm getting damaged from Levoquine for which nothing could be done and which kept me up at night) did not hurt me at all. Prior to the LDN I could not touch the area. Weeks later it still does not hurt. It is not healed, but no pain. The 1st day the mental fog I had for years was gone. My mind was clear and my memory was fantastic. Before, I could no longer remember the name of someone I just met or a movie I had just seen. Now I remember everything and not just for a day or two. I have energy I also haven't had in years. I rearranged and organized my home this summer, something that I could not get myself to do before. I can walk for a distance now; before, 20 feet and I would be exhausted. I have scoliosis and have shrunk over the past few years (I am 72 years old); I was sitting at the computer and all of a sudden got a very sharp pain in my spine. I thought my spine was breaking and I was going to end up in a wheel chair. I cautiously got up and to my amazement my spine had straightened out and I was standing straight and was taller. My sister called at that moment and I told her. It was truly a miracle. I think my muscles may have been very tight, and now relaxed, allowed my spine to straighten, Amazing after all these years. Things keep changing in my body, all for the good. I am still taking the 1.5 mg as I find it works for me. I feel like a new person, alive, happy with all I can now do, no pain and with a sharp brain. I am so happy I finally listened to my sister and for those of you who found out what this drug can do and who are trying to make people aware that there is cure out there and it is here, now. Bless you all
Here is a copy of my comments on how LDN has helped me that I put in the LDNScience section. Page 1
I forgot to write that it did indeed help my BLOOD PRESSURE.  It is now around 112/ 65
 And my pulse went form always being around 80 down to 65 to 70.

--Eudice G


I would like to order 60 tablets. Thank you so much for doing this. I have had more improvement in my health since I got my order from you in March than from the other ten medications I've tried in the past. I also have my children on this, and my 14 year old daughter is able to walk again. Thanks so much.

- Lori


Hi Ian ~ Perfect! Good job all! I'll be sure to order from BuyLowDoseNaltrexone.Com again, and I'll let people know. Keep up the great work.
- Lisa


I was worried at first when I ordered this medication from you. I just received it in the mail today. I want to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing, this medication will make a huge difference in my life; most doctors here are unaware of naltrexone and unwilling to prescribe it where I'm from.

It took years for me to finally discover this medication after so much suffering. I want you to know that I will be working to inform more people if this and direct them your way.

Yours truly,

Emily (April 2015)


After reading posts here of people buying the 50mg tablets and having good success, I decided to try it. Within just 2 weeks the anxiety went away and about a month later my sleep was much better.
It took about 3 or 4 months to get to where I felt I was having a normal
night again.
The other benefit of going with 50mg tablet and diluting, besides it fit
my budget much better, was my husband decided to give it a try. Very
quickly, I believe about 2 months, after decades
of knee pain, no more pain. My 13.5 year old Doberman also started and
we saw some some nice results--helped with pain and dementia.
And by buying the 50mg tablet (Nodict), now all senior dogs are on it.
One has had improvement in his incontinence.

I continue to be pain free.


Within 2 weeks of going from
compounded ldn to diluting nodict---i finally got some sleep (i had been so anxious all the time) and the 24/7 all body itch went away. my pelvic pain and my sciatica, which the compounded ldn worked on fabulously also has never return. and the nodict being so much cheaper, that this gave my husband and my dogs the opportunity to reap the benefit, and boy have they!!! we like our nodict, as it works for us.

char (March 2015)


Hi Ian.order arrived this morning I am very pleased with such quick service.
Thank you very much.


Feb 2015

Hi Ian,
Order arrived today, very quick delivery so I am very pleased indeed. Thank you very much.
Kind Regards,
David, Leeds UK


Hi Ian,
I've just received my order. Everything is perfect! Expiry date long enough. I must say, your delivery speed is really impressing! I'm starting LDN tonight and I'm very excited.

Best Regards,
Tom (Poland)


Dear Ian,
everything arrived.
Thank you, we feel much better. Me taking it, too, for my Discoid Lupus Erythemathodes.
Merry Christmas to you and your team!!!



To: lowdosenaltrexone@yahoogroups.com
Reply-To: Frank - Nov 2014

Great to hear that Ian and ordering from http://www.buylowdosenaltrexone.com/about-us.html has worked out for you!

I am just about to place an order with Ian as with all the positives posted here it seemed the only logical way to go with someone without a script!

I am really excited to finally try LDN for my Post-Interferon Syndrome due to HepC treatment (and becoming undetectable of the "C") going on a decade now! My GP is also very excited to see how this all goes. Part of his medical studies included the Mayo Clinic where he has confirmed LDN is being used by Mayo for PIS.

It is just too bad the Mayo Clinic won't release any other info or data on how LDN / PIS is going for their patients... or as a matter of fact if they are using LDN for any other ailments!?!



Hi  Group,

Just wanted to let you know that if you wanted to try http://BuyLowDoseNaltrexone.com/ I just got my 50mg x 30 pk today. This totally shocked me as I paid for it on Dec 3rd and Ian probably shipped the 4th or 5th and arrived in PA on the 11th. Pretty amazing. The tracking that Ian gave me was not very accurate but I am not complaining.

I won't be able to start as I have orders for bloodwork to check inflammation and didn't think the package would arrive this early. Will probably get the bloodwork done Tuesday then start that evening on 2mg. Very excited.

I actually didn't realize I was signing for the Naltrexone as I knew another box was arriving today. The small envelope was on top of the expected box with the postcard to sign for...

Expiration date is good for 3 years!

Ian was very responsive to a few questions I had... and if you have any questions about how it all goes down you can send me a msg directly - Ian keeps things very tight so all goes smoothly thru the mail.

I am very happy with it all,



Hello Ian,

I'm letting you know that i received the 3 packages today. I was getting worried because it took longer than the previous time to get it here. I will most likely order from you again when i will be near done with this batch. Psychiatrists are a pain in the ass to deal with: they either give me shit that doesn't work or completely innapropriate stuff with tons of side effects. I'm still actively seeking a prescription tho. Naltrexone works beautifuly and, for me,  but i take blood tests frequently and it's all good.

Thank you so much for distributing this. You are the only reliable source i've found on the whole internet.
-- Guillaume / Canada


I just this week received 60 individually sealed 50mg Nodict brand tablets from Ian athttp://www.buylowdosenaltrexone.com/about-us.html .
Fast and discreet and I am set for a few years for less than $150.   In the freezer, I believe they can keep for up to 3 years.


Hi Ian,
Thank you very much.I received my medication.Really quick.Thank you.
--Izabela USA


I had a late stage pre Melanoma and late stage pre Squamious Cell Carcinoma, surgically  removed ' just in time'. My Dr. said that they looked visually like the Cancer, but the lab work revealed that both were removed in the late stage of pre-cancer in both cases. So, technically speaking, I did not yet have Cancer, but if left untreated another 6 months, it would have been. That was about 6 or 8 years ago.. Dr. told me told to watch out VERY carefully about new occurrences of any sort of blotches as once you have this sort of propensity in your system, they can pop up again. I had a very large amount of excessive sun exposure with burning and peeling as a child.   About a year after the surgery, I learned about LDN and got on it, and been continuously, with ALA, ever since, as a preventative. I have had no new occurrences of any sort of this type of lesions.

On a sad note, one of my friends came down with a small Melanoma on his neck a few months after I started LDN. He had it removed and then went the route of conventional oncology with radiation and when it came back, then more radiation and even chemo. I encouraged him to try LDN and ALA but it was no use....In just under 3 years he was dead of the disease, and the medical system had depleted his health insurance AND taken all the equity in his house. His widow had to sell the house and move in with one of their kids.  Terrible all around.

Jennifer (USA)


Hi Ian.  Say, got the Naltrexone, have been taking about a month,
and man, it works beautifully! Thank you VERY much!
--Brent USA



Ian, thanks for your help, it means a lot.  My wife and I both have dealt with cancer and
we have done really well with LDN.
Our physician retired on Jan 1st, This is a great source for us. Thanks again.
-- Patrick USA



Hi Ian,
Thank you very much for letting me know.
I still have some so its not urgent.
I got my sister to get some from you, shes in U.K  and shes  on week three.
Im really happy and positive with the results so far and think this may have been
the missing link to my health problems for many years and i can really handle stress
well and just be in the moment.
thank you for your help,
Kind regards, Sakura :)


Hi Ian,

Got the package today!  Thanks.  Let you know HOW I'm doing.  I'm very hopeful.

Kind regards,



I really want to sincerely thank you for your service. You have allowed me to feel human for the first time in a long time :) You're my hero!!!


I didn't permanently go off LDN. I wasn't sure if it was really working for me so after my 1 year supply ran out I didn't reorder. Within 3 weeks my legs were so stiff I could barely walk. So yes LDN was doing a lot for me I just didn't know it. My son rushed and ordered me another year supply. In short time the spacitity went away.


Re: Need to re-order LDN, and need updated info!
Thu May 15, 2014 10:13 am (PDT) . Posted by: "margee"

I had a wonderful experience with Ian Hewitt's buylowdosenaltrexone.com site.  I got 10 Nodict tablets for $44, which included shipping (and a shot glass!).  Ian promptly answered all my questions and I received the package in perfect condition (I had to sign for it) within 10 days.  The tablets are in foil packaging.  I paid by credit card, no problem.
 -- Marge USA


Hi, I'm a nurse who also has HepC. I'm so glad to hear you are having success with LDN. I've been taking it for one year and my LFTs are also improving. I want to decrease the cost (!). I was paying $60/month. I purchased the last batch from an online pharmacy but now they have dramatically increased their shipping prices. My concern is that you are in Thailand, and calling you would be a hassle for me to confirm that indeed you are legitimate. Is there anything you can provide for me to know that you're not going to take my money and run? Thanks so much, in advance and I wish you continued healing. -- Maria G (USA)

Great question Maria,  and with the Internet you can't be too careful.
All I can suggest is…

1) You should join lowdosenaltrexone@yahoogroups.com at
On that forum, you can ask if we are Kosha, and there are reviews of us.

2) This is who I am http://www.ianhewitt.com/pages/dopage/1
and have no need to steal from (esp sick) people. I need it myself, so sort of do this as a service.
I'm also easy to find if I run away with your $44 ; )

3) Believe the reviews at....

4) You could Skype “edutain” to see if I am real/here ; )

5) We use http://CCnow.com to process your card, if you complain to them,
they open a dispute, see http://ccnow.com/
Also, they won't charge your card until notified the product
has been sent.



Many thanks Ian - really appreciate the gesture and the wonderful service
delivering the LDN.
Only had 3 doses of http://www.betterthansildenafil.com/ and I am quite surprised at the difference already - family all arrived last night for an early Christmas and I am up to my ears in kids and dogs
Be well and enjoy the season

--Burt (Canada)


Our son, who has been on LDN about 7 years, and has had no signs of MS since the first week on ldn saw a neurologist yesterday. After a thorough neuro exam he was told that he has zero signs of MS.
He did have many signs of ms in the 6 years prior to ldn including eye problems, bowel problems, numbness from the waist down and muscle spasms, even though he coped with denial during that time.
We are so thankful to all of you who work tirelessly to get the word out.
This neuro said that he will order ldn, although is not completely comfortable doing so since the science is not there due to absence of large scale trials. He has studied ldn but usually orders the crab and other mainline ms meds.
He is up on the latest with ldn and believes the smallest amount of ldn that works is the best dose.
Wishing all of you great ldn news as well.

Dear Ian,

The LDN arrived today in Niagra with no issues at all.
Seems my worries were unfounded. Thanks again for the
excellent service.


Oliver C (Canada)


Thanks LDN Forum for the info on Ian in Thailand.

I posted a long time ago about treating for Hep C. I cleared the C but am left with what is called Post-Interferon Syndrome (PIS).

The Mayo Clinic is using LDN to treat PIS. My GP is great, really into taking time to listen to me and trying new things. He even did some of his studies at one of the Mayo Clinics... called a colleague at Mayo to confirm LDN was being used for PIS *which was all he could get out of Mayo...

Unfortunately it seems that one needs a special license in PA to get a script! My pain doc has this but it took her months, even after consulting with my GP... to finally decide NOT to write a script! I was so disappointed. (maybe things will change with the upcoming governor elections?!?!?) I am on medicare and there is currently a six script per month limit - which I am way over.

I will write to Crystal but the prices listed on Ians' site seem very fair plus with him being part of this LDN community and then helping in research to boot!!!
--Frank USA


As you see, I have once more ordered Nodict.
When I returned to my office after the holidays, your package was just waiting for me in my post box.
Very convenient! And also the expiration date is good.
— Ariel L (Israel)


Hi Ian
I have a mild case of Psoriatic Arthritis when combined with a need for defensive protection against the resurgence of Colon Cancer, I have been taking LDN for many years now - I had a resection of the colon to remove the Stage II tumour [2005] but elected to not take chemo / radiation but opted for natural / herbal approached to pursue wellness.
Given all the various conditions, I have been very proactive and it seems to have been a good approach - my last full medical gauged my physical age around 55 rather than 73 - being well is the ultimate goal, I submit
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I've been using LDN since February in 2009 since I went out to New
Mexico to see Dr. Berkson (www.drberkson.com)  I also do a lot of
supplements, mainly milk thistle, ALA (alpha-lipoic-acid taken with a B
complex 100 capsule), selenium, IP6, and others.  Also on a gluten free
diet with low dairy.

Within months, my HCV viral load dropped from over a million to 48,000
- since then it has never been higher than 35,000 but is currently
around 11,000 or so.

I said that I take 3 mg but these past couple of years, I mostly take it
every other night - seems that the longer one takes it, the less one

After my first labs after starting LDN, I started a blog - first
detailing my visit with Dr. Berkson, and then detailing other things
that I do to help my liver and overall health.

Dr. Berkson post:


Treating Hep C with LDN post:


LDN and the Liver (should be Naltrexone and the liver) post:


Why 3mg LDN is best post: (below with thanks to Jayne C!)


There are many other posts on there - one of these days, I will update it.

There is also a yahoo group - Hepatitis Children and Cam Alternatives -not much
action lately but everyone on there has liver issues and many on LDN
(and almost all adults - the list owner's own child had/has Hep B and
she started that group after successfully treating her with LDN)



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I am still doing well on LDN for Hepatitis C - after almost 5 years!

-- Nola C


Liquid LDN vs Compounded LDN

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Reporting in on last night.  I took 3.5ml of the liquid LDN, which should be my appropriate dose at .03mg/lb.  I slept well (except for the allergy attack) and woke feeling refreshed.  So, this confirmed to me that the liquid LDN provides a more accurate dose than the compounded, as 4.5ml liquid was much stronger than 4.5mg compounded and 3.5ml of the liquid felt about the same as the 4.5mg compounded.  This, of course, is my experience and is not a scientific test!
- Marge USA










Some people get bad side effects from the chemo treatments, see

LDN can also be very effective for MS

More information about LDN and cancer...

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