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After having Hepatitis C for over 20 years my liver functions were all above normal range. 

Unfortunately I did not keep the initial really bad results.
After taking LDN for the last four years, my liver function tests are below... (H = High)

From September 2013, now all back to normal except AST is slightly elevated.

Above is my latest liver function test (August 2014) after taking LDN for about four years. As you can see, my AST is still just slightly elevated but improving. These are the numbers of a person with a healthy liver, although I have had Hep C for over 25 years! ; )

Previously most were high and well out of normal range. Now only one is slightly elevated and my Hepatologist is amazed.


You may think I am making a big deal of thie liver function test below because it IS A BIG DEAL!

As of May 2016 my Liver Function Tests have gone from six out of eight indicators being well above average,  to ALL within normal range!!!!

This below is my final LFT March 2019 before doing the new cure for Hep C, LDN litterally saved my liver until a cure was found ; o )

For absolute PROOF that LDN works miraculously, just have a look at my liver test results above!

I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.




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Your Purchase Furthers Research At No Extra Cost