Hiding the Taste of Naltrexone for Those Taking LDN in Solution

Hiding the Taste of Naltrexone for Those Taking LDN in Solution or Liquid Form

I asked this question to the LDN forum at lowdosenaltrexone@yahoogroups.com


My problem is the unpleasant taste, first I mixed with orange
juice which is ok, but you can still taste the LDN.
Apple juice is ok, but same problem. Tonight I tried
1/3 of a can of San Pellegrino Limonata (like a lemon soda)
and could not taste the LDN at all, but I don’t
want to drink (or waste) a can of “lemon
soda” every night. If you have found a good way to hide the taste, 
please share it with the group.


Here are the responses, with the best one (in my opinion) at the top.

1) I suggest Tart Cherry Juice. For far more than just masking the taste of the LDN...

And instead of orange juice, etc., it would be better with a couple of tablespoons of the concentrate. But better for the anti-inflammatory effect with the Tart Cherry. Which is already essentially a concentrate.
It may also help with sleep, making it even more ideal..


2) Try V-8 juice - perhaps an ounce and after taking the LDN use another ounce for good taste.

3) l take my LDN in a lukewarm cup of Chamomile tea (a sleep aid) sweetened with organic Stevia.

4) For a survey, I will reply. It just isn't that bad. I squirt it in my mouth and then drink something, like diluted cranberry juice or even just water. My mother actually does not mind the taste at all, while I find it bitter. But gosh, there are so many bigger things to worry about.
My opinion