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    How to Pay Anyone Online Worldwide Via Your Bank

Dear Possible Customer,


10 (US$39 / A$50)
30 (US$89 / A$118)
60 (US$139 / A$185). Other countries use

You can pay anyone overseas cheaply, it is very similar with any bank online. 

Login to your bank and go to...

1) Choose “Payments"

2) International Services

3 Transfer Funds Overseas

4) Choose bank account you want money (bank account) for money to come out of. (from)

5) Choose New Payee/Seller (to send payment to)

6) Fill in bank and seller details you want to send payment to

7) It will look something like this….


8) Fill in Country,  SWIFT code, Account Number, Name etc
(whatever the form requests)

NOTE: You may be asked for an IBAN #, but seems only some countries still use them,  the rest use the SWIFT code, to check if your country has an IBAN, please check this link IBAN CHECKER,
if not simply use the SWIFT code only.

9) Click Submit, Pay, Continue or Finished

10) Take a note of the receipt number and bank name etc and email it to us, just to be safe. (of course they will have records at the bank,  and may also email them to you as well)

Address For Bank

Ian Edward Hewitt
110/67 Moo 3
Cherng Talay
Phuket 83110

We will get a notice we have been paid and will send your goods immediately.
If you want a special address please include it and don’t forget any special instructions.
This is from say the UK to us in Thailand. It is called something like “Pay Anyone Online" ; )

That is how you pay for anything online as long as you know their bank details and can use a computer!!

If you need to call your bank for help, it is called Called an ACH Transfer and should cost very little.

You Want an ACH transfer
ACH wire transfers take a couple of days longer, but are very low cost.

"Many ACH transactions come with only a small fee, or even no fee at all, since they are run with more efficiency" Details From Here

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